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Naked 2 Palate

The hype for Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palate is real and it has been since the second it hit the shelves almost six years ago. While my eyes had been on it for a while, I was waiting until I felt like I had the confidence in myself to use the colors correctly to create the looks I was wanting... especially after debating whether or not I wanted palate 1 or 2.

As a blonde, I look for more neutral colors basing around brown so I decided on going with 2 and bought it (finally). And let's just say this, the reviews it receives are so so so true.

The pigment to these colors are insane. It stays all day long yet blends so smoothly between the colors! At first, I was a little scared to try some of the shades due to them being deceiving in the case compared to how it looks on skin (cough cough, Tease) but once I played around enough, I fell in love with mixing and matching different shades of colors around to see what dramatic or neutral looks I could create.

I usually am not a fan of palates because I always feel like I am never going to use all of the colors, but here I am alternating looks every week while creating new favorites that I try to remember! I would have never spent that kind of money on eyeshadow if I was only going to use three colors, but with the neutral shades Naked 2 offers, it allows for infinite different looks with you getting to choose how dark you want to go.

Like I said, the price can scare some people away... but I have never been so thankful for buying makeup. This palate has made my life easier by being portable with plenty of options and shades to choose from. Plus, it comes with an amazing brush that is so soft and compliments the pigment in the product when being applied to your eyes. For all of you out there saying you have no idea how to do makeup, no need to fear! Head to your local Sephora and they will teach you how to use this one of a kind palate!

I am such a makeup junkie (even though I love going naked faced a lot) and when I buy a new product that I love, I get hooked. Just know that every single time my eyes are done, it has been completed thanks to Urban Decay's Naked 2.

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