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Life Update + 10 Quick Questions

Why not kick start this week with a coffee in hand and by answering some questions about myself for all of you new followers and readers (and as a fun update for those of you veterans)! Why did you start blogging? It was never really in my plans honestly! I have always loved writing and I am a very creative person, so one day over winter break my senior year of high school, I put those two passions together and created this outlet for myself! Now, I’ve managed to create business deals through it and team up with some of my favorite companies because of a leap of faith I took back in 2015! What do you do on the daily when not blogging? Full time, I’m a student at Indiana University where I am studying Elementary Education! However, I’m also a Vice President to my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and I am involved in a few other clubs on campus! When I’m not sinking my face into a textbook or my other commitments, I enjoy spending time with my awesome family and boyfriend! How long have you and Tyler been together and how did you all meet? I’ve been dating Tyler for 5 years (well... almost! On January 1st it will “officially” be 5 years)! We met each other at the Powder Puff game my sophomore year! I was sitting in front of him in the stands watching the junior and senior girls play flag football and he thought I was cute, so he decided to hit me in the head with the homemade flag he had made for the juniors (he is a year older)! He played SO hard to get too, I followed suit and did the same! One of our mutual friends just happen to run into him at McDonalds one night and told him that he should text me without her even realizing we had met already! And from that moment, the rest is history! A lot of weird little things had to happen along the way for it to work out, but I’ve never been so thankful for fate! When did you know you wanted to teach? I have always wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember! My grandma has worked in the school corporation for my entire life and my mother actually studied Elementary Education as well, so I definitely got the genes for loving children! However, I struggled with actually coming to terms with the major! I came into college labeled as Media with a Broadcast Journalism pathway... but then I hated my Media 101 class (big red flag there) so I decided to try everything under the book that second semester to determine what I wanted to do! After finally coming to term that salary wasn’t what life was about, I declared Elementary Education as my major and I have never looked back! I actually had my first field experience in a school that is the roughest school I’ve ever seen and that was where I really had my lightbulb moment! I was walking the halls to leave the school that day at my normal time and I came across a dance studio in the school where a handful of students were practicing their winter concert choreography, and me being a dancer, I walked in and asked if I could watch them! The first song I caught them singing and dancing to was Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and if you are familiar with the lyrics, you can imagine how I felt being there and watching these kids who live tougher lives than I could have ever imagined smiling back at me! In that moment, I knew this was my calling and that I could never give up making a kid’s day! What has been your toughest class since you started Elementary Education? Easily my Math classes! The way math is taught in schools now is so different than how I was taught I really struggled with forgetting everything I’ve ever been taught to learn how students are seeing math now! However, my favorite class has been my Legal & Ethical Issues of Education! I’ve always dreamed of going to Law School and now, it’s looking like Education Law might be in my future! What’s it like living in a sorority house? We have 108 beds under 1 roof and I absolutely LOVE getting to live with everyone! Never again in my life will I get to say I lived in a house with all of my friends! Plus, having a house chef makes it kind of nice too! I will forever be thankful for being able to join Greek Life and be a part of ZTA at IU! What’s your favorite social media platform? I feel like I’m always on Instagram, but I also have my life figured out on Pinterest! Seriously, my boards have mini sections to them for easy finding and for feeling like I have my life ~slightly~ together! What’s a fun fact about you that might shock some people? Hahaha I will never forget Tyler’s reaction when he first found out that I loved Star Wars! I grew up playing with my Dad’s old Star Wars figures and Millennium Falcon ship, so I watched the movies and I’ve forever been hooked! I haven’t missed a release of any of the new movies since Disney bought it out and I can’t wait to keep watching all of the movies with Tyler! It makes for such a fun date night that we both enjoy! What’s your dream vacation? I have always wanted to go to Rome! I am absolutely fascinated by Roman History and the architecture they were able to build at a time when their resources were truly limited! I almost had the chance to go when I was in high school (the only reason I even took Latin as my foreign language) but couldn’t make the trip due to Miss Indiana obligations! I just want to see the Colosseum in person and walk the streets that I’ve read and studied about for years! Will you ever get involved in pageants again? I have officially decided to retire the heels and move on from the pageant world! I am just so happy with where my life is currently at that I could not imagine changing the rhythm of it at all! At the end of the day, happiness in life is what we all strive for and I am so grateful that I am at ease with where I’m at and where I’m going! There are plenty of other amazing young women in the world who will do so much good, but I feel like my real position that is calling me is to coach and help teens find their way in the organization! I was lucky enough to win my first year competing, yet I gained a lot of insight on how to win and I’ve been able to share that with other girls in the past who have gone on to do very well! So, I’m looking at potentially becoming a coach one day and helping choreograph talent routines (bringing my love for interview and dance together in this one)! • • • • • Outfit Details : Top- Impromptu Boutique Photo by : Tyler Zoller

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