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A Lilly Pulitzer State of Mind

"The Lilly girl is always full of surprises.

She lives every day like its a celebration,

never has a dull moment, and makes

every hour happy hour" - Lilly Pulitzer

For me, the well known Lilly Pulitzer brand has always meant more to me than just some colorful articles of clothing and accessories. In fact, I view it as a way to express how I feel about life now days.

A few years ago, I wasn't anywhere near being the Lilly girl. In fact, I was so upset with the world, some decisions, and the way I was living my life that I never thought I would be able to dig myself out of the deep, deep hole I was in. And then suddenly one day, I kind of had a come to Jesus meeting with myself and proclaimed that I was going to start finding the good in each day and if there were none to find, then I was going to be the one to create it.

From that day, being the Lilly girl has been my goal in life. While I do not flaunt the original designs of a woman who aspires to live in the same way every single day I get up and get dressed, I make it a goal to internally wear and represent the colors so that I can share them with others. Through smiles, laughs, casual conversations, or even just a hello, you can become the Lilly girl.

"Style isn't about what you wear,

it's about how you live." - Lilly Pulitzer

I live in Indiana, I go to Indiana University. I do not see the sun shine like Florida does every single day and so I make my own sunshine. It isn't always easy because every single human being has a handful of bad days, or days that just nothing seems to being your way, or days where you feel like you can't get a fresh of breath air because you feel the world just falling on top of you. Trust me, I get it. But you have to be the one willing to see the sun in every cloudy and stormy day!

How do I stay so upbeat and happy all the time?

1. I grab a book and go to my favorite place to read. For me, that is the Indiana Memorial Union at IU. Filled with lamps, couches, fireplaces, and big windows, I enjoy the peace of silence while diving into a wonderful book! (Right now, I am reading the Harry Potter series - woohoo!)

2. I take a walk with my dog while listening to some awesome throwbacks. There is nothing that can make you smile bigger than when you are listening to music and that one song (One, Two, Step by Ciara for me) comes on and you forgot all about it but then you remember the lyrics like you heard it yesterday!

3. Write someone you love dearly but haven't told you appreciate them recently a handwritten note. Seriously, giving someone a gift knowing that it will make their day makes MY day! And who wouldn't want to help someone else out while trying to cheer themselves up?

4. Get on Pinterest and just read happy quotes. There is something about Pinterest to me that acts as a therapy session. Fashion, Food, and Quotes are all three things I love tremendously and so taking ten minutes for myself to recuperate by just browsing those three categories is enough to get me back on my happy feet!

5. And lastly, treat yourself! I catch myself getting down every now and then and sometimes, all I need is a latte with whipped cream or an ice cream... or both! Seriously, go treat yourself! Set yourself on a five dollar budget and get yourself something that will relax you and make you feel pride again!

"Being happy never goes out of style" - Lilly Pulitzer

Speaking of style, I find ways through Lilly Pulitzer to keep me smiling! Maybe a few of those "treat yourself" moments were also spent on splurging through the brand to get fun goodies, pieces of clothing, and accessories that do actually help in my daily life! In fact, I will share them with you!

Lilly Pulitzer Planner : Okay y'all, I swear by this planner. With a new fun Lilly print every single month, it keep me on my toes and giddy for the next month! Complete with fun stickers for every holiday, occasion, and everything in between, the Lilly Pulitzer planner has been perfect for me for three years now! This past year, I bought the Jumbo one and I will never go back to the Medium or Large! With more room with write and plan out your happiness, it is perfect to be what provides your first smile of the day!

Lilly Pulitzer Candle : I am a sucker for sweet smelling candles that also have a cute jar, and well, that would be the Lilly candles! The bright and colorful look of them will match just about anything with their own character to provide to your room or work space!

Lilly Pulitzer Thermal Mug : How cute is this water bottle to carry around with you? Hydrating in style with a reminder to stay happy is perfect for every day and such a wonderful way to brighten up every day (even those cloudy and stormy days I was talking about)!

Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case : We are always on our phones it seems like! Especially now with me blogging - I am checking e-mails, planning future posts, organizing my Instagram and other platforms, and managing schoolwork, so I find it extremely important to have a cute phone case to make the days seem a little less stressful. I have received more compliments on my wacky and colorful Lilly Pulitzer phone case than I ever imagined I would AND I have dropped my phone on more surfaces than I can count and my phone has never cracked in my Lilly case!

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Backpack : How adorable is this drawstring bag?! While it is labeled as a "beach bag", this super cute and happy product would be perfect for just about everything else. From amusement parks, sleepovers, and road trips to acting as a perfect gift, this is exactly what Lilly Pulitzer had envisioned - bringing the party with you wherever you go!

With the mindset that everything can be accomplished with a smile, kindness, and joy for life... there is absolutely nothing that you cannot do. Join me in living with the Lilly Pulitzer State of Mind!

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