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Miss Priss Experience

A white mansion filled with the most beautiful gowns. Yup, it is no longer a dream. For years, I have loved losing myself through the countless rooms of dress lined walls that calls itself Miss Priss. In the heart of Lexington, Kentucky, every girl's dream store of finding their perfect prom or pageant dress lies and it holds some pretty sweet memories for myself.

For those of you who have only known me for a brief amount of time (and by brief, I mean within the past 5 years) probably has no idea of a chapter of my life where I lived in those dresses that you see on billboards. I had the absolute honor of being crowned Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen in 2013 which took me to compete for Miss America's Outstanding Teen back in my glory days of high school. With so many appearances that called for a gown that would make everyone's jaw drop, I found that the place to go was Miss Priss.

The experience from the moment you walk through the door is unlike any other. The sweetest gals with the thickest accents greet you at the door and walk you through the "gown mansion". Pulling colors, sizes, and styles from the back that fit what your vision is and making your dream dress come to life is what they specialize in. I have never left the store empty handed (which can be a great and bad thing all at the same time). They have any and every style dress you can imagine from your top designers such as Sherri Hill and Jovani.

But it doesn't just stop at the dresses. No outfit is complete until you add the perfect pair of matching earrings... which did I mention the have an Earring Bar with a specialist that will assist you in finding the perfect pair to match your dress and your ear strength!

On top of it all, the historical building is filled with stunning chandeliers in every room, including the ever so famous Miss America crown on top of the main dressing room area. It is like you went back in the past and woke up in Barbie Dream House filled of dresses. And because of that, we took my little sister there to experience the magic for herself when looking for her senior year prom dress. And of course, you have to take the picture on the front step holding the gown bag!

There is nothing I love more than venturing into this store. The owner, Elizabeth, is the sweetest in the business and has helped so many unbelievably successful pageant women find their dress to wear on the biggest stage, Miss America. They help you find the most flattering gown for you that makes you cry of pure happiness (if you are like me when you put on your own gown that you would get to wear while competing for Miss America. Yeah, that happened in a dressing room and I will not apologize).

I cannot thank the women of Miss Priss enough for all that they have done for me over the years. I hope that every girl gets to experience something like this one building at some point in their life and I hope that they find the dress that makes them smile completely uncontrollably. For pictures of the gowns I have bought from Miss Priss, scroll to the bottom!

Miss Priss

906 N. Broadway

Lexington, KY

My Winning Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen Gown - Sherri Hill - Miss Priss

My Miss America's Outstanding Teen Dress - Sherri Hill - Miss Priss

Senior Prom Dress - Jovani - Miss Priss

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