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Makeup Removing Magic

As we have all heard a million times, do not go to sleep with your makeup on. I always took my makeup off late at night right before going to lay in bed with a makeup wipe (where's my lazy girls at with me?) and I could see the makeup come off of my face and onto the wipe, so I always figure I was good to go and that my face was clean completely! Wrong.

I had seen a few people buy this stuff by Garnier called the Micellar Cleansing Water, so I started looking into it a little more. It is a brand new product that just recently came to America. Basically, it is a water based cleaner that is made to remove makeup, cleanse your face, and make you feel more refreshed. So, I decided I would give it a shot!

I was so pleasantly surprised! Me and my mom both tried it out that night and we were shocked by how much product was left on our faces AFTER we had already cleaned them off with in our usual ways. The pictures I posted on my story of the cotton rounds show just how much makeup came off of my face and eyelashes that night. The build up that has been sitting on my face was disgusting, but now, my face feels so much lighter, healthier, and cleaner.

While it does remove makeup, it also refreshes your face. If you are ever in a rush after working out or it being a hot day and you don't have makeup on (me almost everyday if we are being honest here) you can use some and your face will feel so clean.

It is not oily and it works on all skin types! No alcohol or fragrance is in the mixture, leaving you a simple and healthy way to clean your face! I could not have been any more impressed with this product by Garnier. My mom went and bought her own bottle of it right after she used mine because it just works that well! I promise, you will not be disappointed by this product!


1. Grab a cotton ball or round (I prefer round since it is easier and doesn't waste as much)

2. Add a small amount of the cleansing water! A little will go a long way surprisingly! You can always add more to it!

3. Start cleaning your face in circular motions! I usually go through 2-3 cotton rounds to clean my whole face!


I bought mine at Target for $6 and I was also able to find it at ULTA for the same price! I am not 100% sure if Sephora would have them, but Target has it.... so that's really the only location you need, right? (;

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