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5 Faves from May

| Picture by Tyler Zoller |

I have been loving this trend of the army green and sage color being seen in all seasons! And HOW CUTE is this romper? The shorts are the perfect length to not be too short or too long! It has the cute tie that scrunches around the waist, allowing for it to compliment every body type and size!

This mascara has changed the game. A staple item in my makeup bag and purse, I carry this baby everywhere! Waterproof mascara that isn't clumpy, makes your lashes extra long, and doesn't come off all day long! Seriously, this makeup is unreal and only $20!

I have been reading and referencing back to this book since I got it for Christmas, but especially this past week since I have been home from school! What I love about this book is how it is separated into four sections based on the season, and then each season includes recipes, makeup and hair tips, closet necessities, and holiday decorations! It is so fun to look through and bookmark for future references! Get it to be a desk or table book that also doubles as a true inspirational book that gets your life looking and feeling so much better!

Bronzer makes your face look tanner and can be used to contour your face! This powder is so easy to apply and looks great on every single person! Use it for your eyebrows, eyeshadow, or for the purpose on bronzing you up! I threw away my other bronzer the moment I tried it for the first time!

Summer is here and how CUTE is this top!! I just ordered it the other day for vacation and I cannot wait to receive this darling top soon! It can be paired with blue jean shorts or colored shorts that compliment the colors on the top! This can be dressed up or dressed down for all occasions! But like seriously, can't get over the pineapple trend this year. It is just too cute!


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