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July 2018 Faves

How in the world is it already half way through July?! I swear, it was just NYE and we were ringing in 2018! While time is passing so very quickly, I like to think that it is going so fast because I am absolutely loving my life! Every single day, I try to find the good in it and every single month, I like to pick some of my favorite goodies and share them with you! SO with that being said, lets get this show on the road!

My first July 2018 Pick is my favorite summertime lip color called "Cake Pop" from LimeLife by Alcone! I recently became an independent beauty guide for this company and ordered this vibrant and fun pink/purple lip color to step out of my box and WOW! I receive so many compliments on it every single time I wear it! I absolutely love testing out new products and colors when it is such a fun season to do so! Plus, the line of Enduring Lip Colors stays on ALL DAY LONG (hint why they are called ENDURING lip color) and there is a color for everyone! While "Cake Pop" is my favorite bright lippie for Summer, my all time staple color is "Creme Brûlée"! My mom just recently ordered our "Macaroon" and it looked amazing on her as well! Want to check these beauties out for yourself? Click on here to be directed straight to the product!

My second pick was easily my Invisibobble hair tie! I had seen these around for a while and I did not think that they would actually do anything for my hair, but I was proven so wrong! The clear hair tie (also sold in so many colors for different hair colors) has become my life saver and I refuse to use any of my old/traditional ponytail holders anymore! It does not create creases in your hair and does not pull on your hair either! My hair used to crease like it was it's day job! Once my hair was up for even just 5 minutes, my hair had to stay up until it had gone through an entire shampoo and condition again! But thankfully, these little bands now allow me to have my hair up for the first half of the day, and then drop it without a crease or a flaw in my hair! While they are a little more on the pricey side, it is certainly worth the investment to see how much you will end up loving them! Want to check them out more? Click here to see the exact ones I pick up at the mall in Sephora when I am there!

My third pick is my Aveda Sun Care spray! I have had this bottle since last summer and it has remained a staple item for me throughout this incredibly hot summer we are having! This little bright bottle acts as a sunscreen for your scalp (yeah... those burns can hurt and be super annoying) and it protects your hair! This item was recommended to me from a friend who also dyes her hair really bright/white blonde during the summer and this product has not let me down! Plus, it has such a fruity and clean smell to it! Snatch your own for the pool and beach days you have left this summer here! Or, if you're a local girl for me, head to J. Nicole Salon in New Albany to grab yours!

My last pick of July 2018 includes my polaroid camera! I bought mine right before Christmas because I loved the idea of having one chance at a picture and capturing moments as they go. I feel like we do not print enough pictures anymore since everything is electronic, and I am certainly someone who gets into her feels when getting to look through memories. So, I invested in creating and printing memories at the same time and it has not let me down! I love taking it with me in my purse and catching all of the moments right then and there and then getting to see it come in within minutes! If you have never bought yourself one but love the idea of it, I cannot recommend looking at getting yourself one enough! Plus, if you already have one (or if the price of the film is a major turn off for you) NEVER buy your film from a store like Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc. My sister was able to find them on Amazon for MUCH cheaper! She got 3 boxes (20 pictures come in every box... so she got 60) for only $35! If you purchase them at a store, they run about a dollar for every picture... which is CRAZY!

I am always open to hearing suggestions that you all have for me to try out! Who knows, what you are loving could become one of my favorites and be seen in August Favorites! Send me your suggestions here! Have a wonderful July, y'all!

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