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Coffee. Mascara. Hustle.

Coffee. Mascara. Hustle. Those three words have been my life recently as I have seen just how crazy life can truly get in just a few weeks. To summarize, life has flipped, turned, and tilted in all directions with new and exciting additions being added, but as we all know, the more you add to your plate usually results in overload and stress. However, these three words have been my staples (along with this amazing pen set that I got from my best friend for my birthday - she just gets me haha) and I am giving you all the deets on all three subjects.


To summarize this quickly, coffee has become my water (oops). In order to get through these stressful days and long weeks, I depend on it to keep my eyes open and focused. After working in a coffee shop for a few years, I have become a coffee snob. I know what real coffee tastes like and I will not settle for anything less than it. In Bloomington, my current hot spot is Needmore Coffee! It has the cutest little shop with the classics (only mocha flavor for those of you who like the sweeter drinks). I can go into there for hours and get homework, planning, and anything else that fills my agenda done.

My Favorite Coffee Orders:

Caramel Iced Coffee with a Splash of Whole Milk

Black Coffee with 1 Sugar and 1 French Vanilla Creamer

Plain Hot Latte


Mascara was the vert first makeup product I ever used and to say I have been a stickler on it since then would be an understatement. I never changed what brand I used until I came across my new absolute favorite kind. I now use LimeLife's Perfect Mascara because of how versatile, light, and long-lasting it is. It does not clump on my eyelashes, keeping the natural and extra long look. With that, it also does not fall under my eyes (the drug store brand always fell off my lashes and made my under eyes black)! The reason behind these positive results from the change is because my new mascara has Bee Wax as an ingredient, making it not harmful and longer lasting. Below, I have a picture of the results from just one application on my lashes. I usually double up and put on another layer if I am wanting an extra bold look for night, but one layer does the trick for every day purposes.

To buy your own, click here to be directed to the site.


Hustle : busy movement and action

I've been hustling the past few weeks more than usual because of more responsibilities and jobs being added to my plate, yet I am realizing that I love this form of life so much more. I have never been the type to be okay with silence and a blank schedule, so while I am stressing myself out over all of the little things, I am also loving this lifestyle. The simple fact of having a coffee shop where I can escape to and having makeup products that can make me look more awake and have been the staples to these past few weeks. Unfortunately, I have had to take a few steps back on other important things in my life (like this blog) in order to make other priorities happen to their full potential, so I am uncertain on how consistent the blog posts will be. I am trying my absolute hardest to make it be the best it can possibly be in the mix of everything else I am doing. But with coffee, mascara, and a little bit of hustle... this whole thing can work out.

Buy my pens I am depending on right now (pictured in the top photo) here.

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