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Maid of Honor: Secured.

Having a sister that is truly your best friend has been the biggest gift my entire life. We have not always seen eye to eye as we were growing up but ever since I got my driver's license and I was forced to drive her to school, we have the best of friends. Having a sister is also one of the greatest blessings when it comes to wedding planning because it makes picking your Maid of Honor that much easier.

There is truly nobody else in this world who I could imagine standing right by my side holding my bouquet as I get to marry my better half or holding my dress every time I have to go to the bathroom.

We have said for years that we would be one another's Maid of Honors (now it is looking more like I will be her Matron of Honor but still) so there really was no surprise to me asking. However, I still wanted to do something special for her!

Instead of getting a box for her, I got her one of the super trendy baskets because she is obsessed with them... it is like her weakness in Target. I went to Hobby Lobby looking for some things and actually was able to get the one I got her for a really great price!

I also got her a bottle of wine and a customized wine bottle label with a picture of us from when we were little *que the tears*. I thought it was a super personal touch that also shows just how long we have been this close. I got the sticker from Vona Labels on Etsy! They were super great to work with and I received it extremely quick for being a custom order! The quality of the picture was perfect, too! Click here to see the label on Etsy!

I also ordered a cute card that said "I can't marry my mister without my sister" from Etsy as well! Again, a wonderful experience and received it very quickly for also being a custom order! Click here to see the card on Etsy!

Last but not least, I wanted to get her something that I knew she would use instead of another wine glass or something that would end up in the trash. We are both obsessed with the influencer Emily Travis or better known as Champagne & Chanel. When she got married, we refreshed her Instagram all night long to see the most beautiful night unfold. Emily did a collaboration with Kendra Scott (also LOVE) and it was jewelry pieces she designed for her own wedding night. It felt fitting to include a piece of jewelry from the line for Claire so I bought a pair of earrings that looked like something she would wear. Spoiler: she told me they were the exact pair she was wanting from the line so I killed it! I want the pair for myself now because they are SO cute.

With Tyler being away for grad school, he didn't want to miss out on me asking Claire. As he said "she is like my little sister" so we had him on my mom's phone on FaceTime and hidden so he could see it happen as well. I have always loved that Tyler and Claire are also such great friends. I am still slightly terrified for what she will say in her speech on our wedding night though.. who knows what stories are coming out! Now that she is officially official though, lets get to wedding planning some more!


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