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Stitched Skirt & Fall Booties | Bar+Row Boutique

// Top: Express (Wine Colored) | Skirt: Bar+Row | Booties: Bar+Row | Earrings: Bar+Row | Necklace: Kendra Scott \\

Such exciting news for you all, I have paired up with the absolute cutest (and sweetest) boutique of all time, Bar+Row! I won a giveaway from them a couple of months ago and since then, I just keep falling more head over heels for them! They sent me the most fun pieces of fall fashion I have added to my closet this year and I could not be more thankful for them welcoming me to the family! But they didn't want to just add me, they want you too! They are so gracious that they have given me a coupon code for you all to save on all pieces from Bar+Row!

Use the coupon code "KYLIE20" at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase! Plus, they have free shipping (Code: "FREESHIP") for a limited time! I cannot express to you all just how excited I am about this partnership! Please check out their shop here or read all about my outfit I am wearing and some other pieces I love from them below! Just click on the picture to be sent to the direct link to add the piece to your cart! Happy Shopping from myself and Bar+Row!

Stitched Together Skirt

Skirts are the perfect piece to compliment your outfit and the weather. For those days where it is too hot to wear jeans but you need an outfit that can easily transfer into the night, this skirt is perfect. The intricate threading with warm colors and fall vibes gives you the perfect staple piece to create multiple different looks with it. I personally love it because it fits so well, isn't too short, and is so different than any other skirt you see. I received so many compliments on it when I wore it out and so many people couldn't get over how it would look flattering on every single person! I am wearing a Medium but I could have definitely gone with a Small as well! I like a little extra room since I will be tucking in shirts to this must have skirt!

The Chrissie Shoes

I love nothing more than booties that look great in jeans and with dresses/skirts. Plus, a peep toe is one of my favorite trends right now and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. These booties are the perfect addition to your closet for both, fall and winter. I absolutely love them because they are so different from all of the others with the extra flap of intricate detailed fabric at the top of the shoe (almost like it is giving it an illusion of a sock) - not to mention they are actually so comfy! The tassle on the back is such a fun little piece that adds on to the look to make it a little different from all of the other booties you see out there! My biggest worry when buying shoes is if I will be able to wear them for hours on end and not have to worry and thankfully with these, I can wear them all night and never worry about it! With a chunky heel, my feet didn't hurt at all! They are so so so comfy! My mom is already thinking about buying a pair because I loved mine that were sent to me so much!

Classic Stud Earrings

The best pair of earrings to put with the Stitched Together Skirt! With a subtle green tint that is just enough to pull the color out, it creates such a beautiful and classic look to your outfit! Very lightweight and comfy to wear, I forgot I even had earrings in! These earrings are $5 and would be perfectly matched with the outfit I am wearing!

Raspberry Top

I cannot get over this color! Everybody would look stunning in this rich, yet vibrant color! What a perfect peplum top to pair with a comfy cardigan or with a pair of jeans for a warmer day! The back has a small key hole on the back of the neck and I am in love with the little balls on the end of the sleeves! This top is so different and can be worn so many ways.

Kindness is Magic Tee

This world surprises me everyday how little people are just kind to others, so when I found this top, I fell in love because of the meaning. If we were all just a little nicer and more welcoming, this world may change. I have never been a huge fan of printed tees because I was never able to find one that explained me and my life, but I love this and think it could change some people's day around!

Sweet Ruffles Top

I am such a sucker for tanks that can be used in the summer AND as some color for a black and white cardigan! This baby blue color would look stunning on every single person and it creates the perfect opportunity to make plenty of outfits with it! Plus, did I mention that it is on sale and less than $15?

All Tied Up Top

STAPLE ITEM! For comfy days, put it with your best pair of leggings and for days when you are trying to look like you tried that day but you really didn't, put it with a pair of jeans a cute pair of sandals. You couldn't find a more basic top with a twist! I love the color that is offered at Bar + Row too! What a subtle and neutral brown to bring some of those fall feels into action. Plus, it is the perfect top for a cute picture in the pumpkin patch!

Midnight Cardigan

Black is such a staple item because you can put anything and everything with it, and that idea continues with cardigans. This super soft and oversized sweater allows for you to put any shirt (especially that Raspberry Top) together and create a look that will keep you warm but also fashionably set. The knitted detail on it adds a classic and timeless look so that this cardigan will never go out of style!

Cuddle Up Cardigan

BIGGEST OBSESSION YET. Holy moly. When I say this is the softest thing I have ever worn, I cannot even begin to explain. The black and white color with the fringed ends adds for a look of casual and dressed down, but pair the look with anything and you can dress it up or down as much as you need. I am waiting oh so patiently for the weather to cool down (I can't wait but at the same time, I can) so I can wear this baby.

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