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Why I Prefer Jumpers After Finding the Perfect One

| JUMPSUIT & BRACELET: Impromptu Boutique • PHOTOGRAPHY: Tyler Zoller |


I am so sorry that I took a little leave from the blogging world there for a while! My summer had just started from school and I was trying to just relax and take some time for myself, but you and I BOTH know that I can’t stay away from this for too long! Especially since there are just too many goodies in the world that I’ve bought recently and I cannot wait to share them with you!

You know what my favorite things have been to buy recently? Jumpsuits. Why? Because it’s a whole outfit! No more having to think of what pants would look right with that top! It’s the whole deal on one hanger. And for a girl like me that lives for the easy breezy life... this had me SOLD! 

The only downfall to jumpers is that sometimes, they are made with really thick material and can get super hot in the summer! Thankfully, I found y’all the cutest little jumpsuit ever from one of my favorite boutiques local to me, Impromptu Boutique !

It’s super light on the skin so a breeze can still get through! Plus, I’m living for this sage color! It’s so cute and can be worn in Spring, Summer, or Fall! I would totally pair it with a blue jean jacket as it starts to get cooler out! 

And guess what... it gets EVEN better! Not only can you get one outfit on one hanger that can be worn in three seasons, but you can also SAVE 20%!  I got you all a discount code to save y’all a few bucks! 

Simply just use KYLIE20 at checkout! You can use this on your entire purchase, so be sure to snag other items from Impromptu Boutique that I’ve shared! All of those can be found on my Instagram  page and on here!

To shop this jumpsuit, click here !

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