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Steve Madden Sneakers

I have always found it so hard to find the perfect pair of shoes that can be dressed up (to an extent, a girl has gotta love her heels too) but can also be worn with yoga pants.  But most importantly, the shoes must be comfortable.  For months now, I have found these necessities is the trend of Steve Madden's Ecentrcq Sneakers.

I bought the black pair because I am trying to bring more black into my closet and because I thought it would be more versatile, and I was certainly right!  This design brings allows for it to be worn in so many ways, including with jeans, yoga pants, and can even be worn in the cutest way with a dress.  

I am dying to have the grey pair to transition into Spring (on My Wishlist now under the Shop tab)!

For only $60, these shoes are so so so comfy once they are worn in to fit how you need them to!  I recommend wearing no show socks with the rubber heel on them when breaking them in for the first week or so (just in case they are just a smidge tighter than you are comfortable with).  

If $60 is a little much for a pair of shoes, Target does sell a duplicate for $25!  When it comes to sneakers though, remember that you get what you pay for!  I love my Steve Maddens because they are made with high quality products and are so comfortable for a pair of shoes that can be worn every single day!

Shop the sneakers by clicking here to be directed to Steve Madden, or purchase the cheaper dupe from Target here!

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