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Last Minute Derby Outfits & Hats + Impromptu Boutique

| All Items In The Above Photo Are From Impromptu Boutique |

| Photography by Tyler Zoller |

I am stoked that it is finally Derby week! I cannot wait to have a cold Lilly in my hand, hear "My Old Kentucky Home", and cheer on the most beautiful animals for two minutes. But out of all of the hype that goes into the day, I am most excited to see everyone's Derby outfits!

I know that we all cannot have our lives together... (me included)... and that we all do not have our outfits planned out so I have created a list of some of my favorite pieces from Impromptu Boutique who is located in Louisville!

The owner of the boutique, Jordan, has a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose the perfect outfit for the track - PLUS her mom makes stunning fascinators and hats by hand right there! Each one is completely unique to what you want and are wearing! There is no need to stress when you have this dynamic duo helping you prepare for the Kentucky Derby!

This year's fashion statements that I cannot wait to see hit the Twin Spires is jumpsuits and two-piece outfits! While we always cross our fingers for beautiful weather, we cannot always promise it and the jumpsuit will provide a little more warmth than a dress! And the two pieces? Well, I am obsessed with them and Impromptu Boutique has one of my favorite sets!

I have linked each picture to the piece so you can shop it quickly and easily for your own sake! But if you want to head to her shop and try them on and get a hat ready to go all in one stop, you can head over to her shop!

120 Webster St. STE 223

She is open Monday through Wednesday from 12-7! Stop by and see her! She would LOVE to help create the perfect Derby look for you!


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