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Nourish & Bloom Into a New Person

I am not a huge health person and you'll learn that by looking through my Instagram and noticing that I'm all about desserts and coffee (whoops)! But one thing I do really care about is the health of my skin, hair, and nails!

My hair doesn't grow at the same pace as just about every other person in the world's. Like, if we were talking Barbie Jeep speeds, everyone else's is the rabbit speed and mine is the turtle speed. It's sloooow.

So because of that, I've been looking for some type of vitamin that would have enough biotin in it to jumpstart the growth! I've found that through these delicious Beauty Blend Chews! The flavor is Raspberry Sorbet and is so yummy that I look forward to eating it every day! The chews act as your vitamin to strengthen nails, grow healthy hair, and naturally moisturizer your skin! Win-Win-Win if you ask me?!

On top of that, there is the Passion Berry Tisane tea that is organic and helps soothe your body and your mind! I've never been a tea person because coffee always comes in first for me, but this blend of flavors was so yummy and refreshing! I prefer my tea to be Iced if I'm actually drinking it, but you can also make it as hot!

Overall, I've been extremely impressed with Nourish & Bloom! Their products are real and good for you- and so easy to purchase! Their prices are completely reasonable and worth a try if you're looking to start a healthier process of life for yourself!

Check out their products here!

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