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My BIGGEST Skincare Secret

Shhhhh... it's my biggest secret for consistently good skin.

Think an instant facial at home that is specifically made for you and your skin concerns that day... all for an unreal price... and all so easily done in the click of a button.

Seems fake, right? Wrong. All of my skincare dreams came to life when I bought this bad boy back in March, Meet the LimeLife by Alcone DuoLab!

I was going to get facials at a local medspa (and in 100% transparency, I still do) but I wanted something keep the glow going a little bit longer. The wedding was right around the corner and I was willing to try anything for smooth and glowy skin on the day of.

With this little machine, you can pick from 2 bases (chosen based on skin type) and 3 boosters (based on concern and focus) to create the cocktail your skin needs in one press of a button.

Here's the numbers you need to know:

  • 6 years in research and development with 23 patents

  • 1 year replacement warranty with a 10 year repairability warranty

  • Warms to the natural temperature of your skin for maximum blendability

  • Pods do not come into contact with machine making zero mess and easy to empty

  • My favorite combination of Hydramelt + Brilliance Boost has amazing clinical trial results with 100% of participants saying that their skin looked more nourished, 94% said skin is more moisturized, and 84% said the skin looked more rested.

Want to know even more? See what the DuoLab is all about here!


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