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18 Real Resolutions for 2018

It’s my favorite time of every year. The one moment where every single person on the planet celebrates the turning of years with open eyes and champagne in their hands. Little ones stay up until midnight to throw confetti and the older ones keep drinking and partying. It’s such a wonderful time of celebrating the end of one year and welcoming in the new one with new goals set in mind. 

I always struggle when trying to come up with resolutions because I tend to set these extremely high standards for myself to where I know I will fail, but this year, my goals are completely different compared to the past. In 2017, I grew and matured more than ever and because of that, I am planning on spending my 2018 in a new way with tangible goals. 

1. Become Happier with Myself and All That I Have to Offer

2. Be Smarter With My Body & Health

3. Plan Ahead to Stay Organized

4. Get Out and Adventure More. See the World.

5. Take More Pictures & Get Them Printed To Hold Memories Forever

6. Use My Resources To Gain Knowledge And Form Opinions

7. Read More. Watch more Documentaries. Listen to Podcasts. 

8. Stretch Every Day to Maintain a Healthy Mind and Body

9. Give More Thanks

10. Wake Up Earlier And Start My Mornings More Relaxed and Filled With Positive Thoughts 

11. Do More of Less. Find A New Appreciation for Doing Nothing. 

12. Listen to More Music That Makes My Soul Happy

13. Less Screen Time. More Deep Thinking Time. 

14. Use My Heart For Helpful Efforts And Do Everything I Can To Make An Impact

15. Become More Honest With Myself So That I Can Be More Transparent With The World

16. Stand Up For Myself, My Beliefs, And My Opinions

17. Write Everything Down. Simple Thoughts Can Lead To Incredible Advances

18. Never Let Yourself Think That You Are Not Good Enough

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