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Christmas Bucket List

Tis the season for making memories! I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. This year, I decided to add a ~twist~ to the normal "traditions" to the holiday season! Here are the things I am wanting to do:

GNO: Xmas Edition

My girl friends and I are having a night out this next weekend where we will go out to eat, have a drink at the Miracle on Market bar in downtown Louisville, and then ending it at the karaoke bar we have all been dying to go to (definitely needing the liquid courage for the last stop)! Make your own version of a night out with your friends and fill it with seasonal events and stops!

Decorate the Tree

Spoiler alert... I've had my tree up since Thanksgiving (before you say anything, the turkey tasted the same with the tree up as it would with it still in a box). So this little check on the list was already done BUT if you haven't made time for your tree yet, this is your sign!

Movie Marathon

For a lazy date night in, order a pizza and pick a classic Christmas movie to watch with your man. If you have enough time, watch both of your favorites! For us, I always choose Christmas Vacation or How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Tyler always goes for Elf!

Decorate Cookies

Wake up on a Saturday morning and make some cookies right after breakfast! While they are cooling, run some errands, finish shopping, or watch a movie. Then after dinner, make a date night out of decorating cookies. If you are super competitive like Tyler and I, each of you can choose your favorite of the ones you decorated and post an Instagram poll for your friends to vote on the best one! You could even make it interesting with stakes!

Hot Chocolate Date

I'm a big fan of coffee shops but I never want to drink liquid caffeine at night before I have to go to bed. But have you ever had a good coffee shop's hot chocolate... TO. DIE. FOR. Head to a coffee shop and bring some cards or a small game to play with your man or some friends while you sip on a hot drink. Or you can grab the drink to go and drive around to see all of the lights in your hometown!


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