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The Holy Grail of Makeup Brush Cleaners

I have had the same makeup brushes for four years now.  I am one of those people that fall in love with something and I refuse to let go of it, but I also knew that your brushes get nasty after doing your makeup almost every day.  Since I got my brushes, I have used the same brush cleaner and I will (once again, I do not fall out of love easily) never change from it!

I honestly did not know how important it was to clean your makeup brushes until I read about it one time on Cosmo.  It said that it can lead to your brushes going bad, your makeup going on streaky, and (worst of all) can lead to acne/breakouts since your brushes are literally just holding bacteria and oils in them (ewwww!).

What started as a sample size pick-up from Sephora after reading that article became an actual addiction.  I now love cleaning my brushes using the simple daily cleansing spray on them!  I debated between the shampoo or the cleansing spray, and the reason I went with this product is because it takes minimal time and doesn't have to dry like the shampoo!

How I Clean My Brushes:

1. I get a box of tissues and my spray with all of my wonderful, dirty brushes that are about to be so happy

2. Spray 1-3 sprays per brush (clean one at a time) 

3. Rub the brush on the tissue until all of the product is out.  

I can usually clean all of my brushes that I use on a daily basis in about 5 minutes and then use them immediately after since the spray dries super quick!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product and how it has saved my brushes now for 4 years!  It has worked for me for me and I know it would work for you and your brushes as well!

I have linked the product here for you all to shop it super easily!  The product I am holding in the picture is the smaller size, which would be a perfect size to get at first and try out to see if you like it before committing to the larger bottle!  The small bottle usually lasts me around 5-6 months when I clean my brushes weekly!  So you definitely get what you pay for when it takes care of your brushes and prevents build up!

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