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Good Skin = Perfect Canvas

Canvas can mean a lot of varied things to different people. To some, it may be having a clean face before applying makeup. To others, it may be not having acne and breakouts on their face. But for me, having a perfect canvas is finally achieving the skin I have always wanted. I always had such dry, blotchy, and dull skin on my face and I always hated it. I never had a real skincare routine, but I did use whatever products I could get my hands on. It wasn't until April when I learned that there are different types of skin (... okay I was a little behind ...) and that there were certain products that worked for certain skin. My EnTiRe life, I used whatever smelled good or was cheap, and I realized that it was actually doing my skin so so wrong.

Here's why those products were so bad for me:

1. They were not formulated to battle the problems I had as an individual

2. They had harsh chemicals in the ingredients

3. There was no rhyme or reason behind I was using

Now, my skincare routine is made for myself and what I want to see out of my face, and it has entirely changed the game for myself. I have never been so confident in wearing no makeup in my life and I swear it is because of these simple changes I have made in my life!

Here is my skincare routine: (I have linked each product for you! Just click on the name of the product to go straight to it)

Dream Clean Face Wash - Acts as a makeup remover AND face cleanser! It creates a shield to keep out pollutants and acne-causing bacteria from sinking into your pores! I use this every single night to remove any makeup and get my skincare routine rolling!

Dew Date - My favvveee product of all time! It is a facial oil that works on evening your skin tone, promotes faster cell regeneration (which gives you healthier skin that GLOWS, and moisturizes! If you are worried about this making your face oily, it doesn't! Just one pump of this magic serum is enough! Plus, you face actually needs oils! This replaces the bad oils from your face with nutrients you need in order to have healthier looking skin! Plus, I have had my same bottle since mid April and theres still so much left! I use this EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

Skin Therapy - After letting my face absorb the Dew Date oil, I top it off with my favorite lotion moisturizer! I also love using this in the morning when my face is just extra dry from too much sun! You only need one pump of this as well since the ingredients are made to live by the "a little goes a long way" motto!

Masque of Zen - If I am really wanting to treat myself, I will do my face mask after using the Dream Clean! This is the one I prefer over all of the others in the world since I can see results from it AND since I only have to use it up to 2x a week (helllllllo low maintenance options)! This tub will last you forever as well! Masque of Zen was created to bring you a youthful glow, reduce acne, and balance out that skin!

Now I realize that every human doesn't have the same skin (yay for differences), so I am lining out some of the products that will work best for different skin types! I personally have dry skin, yet I use some products to keep acne from being a problem! Below are some of my recommended products for other skin types!


Cleanser - Quench Cleanse

Moisturizer - Skin Therapy

Glow - Dew Date


Cleanser - Either (Dream Clean / Quench Cleanse)

Mask - Either (Masque of Zen / Skin Polish)

Moisturizer - Skin Therapy

Glow - Dew Date


Cleanser - Dream Clean

Moisturizer - Cool Balm

Glow - Dew Date


Cleanser - Quench Cleanse

Moisturizer - Both (Skin Therapy & Cool Balm)

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